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Steel Sustainability Australia

Steel Sustainability Australia

Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA) offers a new certification program that engages the entire steel value chain to comply with best practice sustainable operations in steel manufacturing, fabrication and processing.

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Superseding ASI’s Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC), the SSA program is designed to identify sustainable steel suppliers by assessing the environmental and social impact of their steelwork manufacturing and processing operations.  

The SSA program engages the entire steel value chain by certifying downstream steel businesses such as fabricators, roll formers, and reinforcing processors, and verifying upstream steel producers against best practice environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators aligned to the Principles supporting the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Responsible Product Framework. 

A new sustainability certification program that engages the entire steel value chain

ASI Steel Sustainability Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the inaugural Steel Sustainability Awards.

"thinkstep-anz is proud to have partnered with the ASI in developing the new Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA) certification program. Based on the principles of the GBCA’s Responsible Products Framework, the SSA rewards steel suppliers that have a lower environmental impact, are transparent, respect human rights, are taking action to reduce carbon emissions and pursuing circular solutions. We supported the ASI to work closely with their members to make sure the new certification program meets their needs. Industry associations play a major role in enabling small to medium businesses to tackle the big challenges of sustainability, and the ASI is showing industry how it can be done!"

Nicole Sullivan
Head of Strategy & Impact Australia at thinkstep-anz

"idec has been a proud member of the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) since 2016. Since this time idec has driven meaningful environmental footprint improvements and achieved Platinum Status in 2017. The EMS Mentor system provides great guidance on maintaining idec’s ISO14001 accredited Management System and discipline to implement Environmental Improvement Projects. idec support the formation of the Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA) scheme and look forward to working with the SSA to further develop idec’s sustainability practices."

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