More about the ASI

Australian Steel Institute

The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) is the nation's peak body representing the entire steel supply chain from the manufacturing mills right through to end users in building and construction, heavy engineering and manufacturing.

The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) exists to represent the Australian steel industry, to support its growth in the future, maintaining and creating jobs and income for Australia, supporting Australian steel producers, distributors and manufacturers, fabricators and detailers, builders and constructors and city and regional communities by providing the highest-quality certified steel products for Australians.

The ASI achieves this by ensuring that political and policy decision makers, industry, consumers, allied industries and professions and other key stakeholders continue to recognise the strength, beauty and versality of Australian steel, and the importance of maintaining and growing a strong steel industry sector.

ASI acts as the focal point for the steel industry providing leadership on all major strategic issues impacting the industry, particularly focusing on economic, environmental and social sustainability.

It is in everyone’s interest that Australian steel continues to go from strength to strength.

The ASI is active in key areas of interest to the Australian steel industry:

  • Promoting Australian made steel
  • Influencing the choice of Australian steel as the preferred building and construction material
  • Advocating for full, fair and reasonable trade
  • The prevention of dumping to ensure Australian steel can compete
  • Promoting the importance of quality, compliance and best practice (including standards, safety and logistics)
  • Securing reliable and affordable baseload energy for Australian steel
  • Promoting the steel capability agenda: Diversity, STEM, trades, the next generation and succession
  • Championing innovation and future steel
  • A member-based organisation, the ASI's activities cover and promote advocacy and support, steel excellence, standards and compliance, training, events and publications.