Benefits for Specifiers or Procurement Professionals

Benefits for Specifiers or Procurement Professionals

Access Sustainable Steel Suppliers

Allows project owners to identify sustainable steel suppliers who can deliver projects to the desired specification

Best practice for ESG performance across entire supply chain

Certifies compliance to ESG sustainability indicators across the entire steel value chain in one program, setting a best practice sustainability standard for steel suppliers and their products

Transparency of Measurement

The SSA certification program’s transparent measurement of the ESG impacts of products and processes provides assurance that the steel supply is reducing its environmental and social impact

Green Star Points

SSA Certified Suppliers contribute varying Green Star Credit points* on a Green Star project

Responsibly Sourced Products

Ensures the steel supply is responsibly sourced from manufacturers that are actively managing the environmental and social impacts of their steel manufacturing operations

Independent Assessment

Certification to the SSA program is assessed by independent auditors

Developed by Sustainability Industry Leaders

The SSA certification program was developed with assistance from thinkstep-anz, one of the region's leading sustainability consultancies

Backed by ASI

Backed by the Australian Steel Institute, the peak industry body representing the entire steel supply chain, who manage a range of other compliance solutions including SCA and ShedSafe

*Varying Credit points gained in the 'Responsible' category depending on SSA level of certification. Refer to the GBCA website for information on Green Star ratings.